Pizza from the Bottom Up

Pizza is meant to be enjoyed in a dough, sauce, and toppings combination that tastes like a different experience from your last pizza. With all of the combinations available, there is no reason to keep eating the same pizza. 

Pizza may seem simple to make but many who partake in the process will attest to the fact that there is an art to the process. You can make this hot, aromatic dish with any number of ingredients to get a variety of flavors. It all depends on where you start and where you end up.

Pizza begins and ends with the dough. When you are preparing for cooking it you start with laying out your dough and when you are finishing a slice you end up with the crust. So as far as dough is concerned there are several options, and it probably causes the most strife amongst family members. Some prefer thin, some prefer thick Chicago style, and there are wheat, cornmeal, vegetable infused, and New York style foundation of crust. Dough is only one piece to the puzzle, but each piece is so important to each and every bite.

Next is the sauce for your pizza. Some connoisseurs may argue that the only sauce is tomato sauce. Meanwhile, a lot of people have moved past only tomato and enjoy varieties such as garlic oil, or pesto, for example. Just as the dough is only a piece of the puzzle, the sauce adds to the mixture of flavors in your mouth. Tomato will always have its significance but other flavor combinations are awaiting this food presentation.

Last but not least are the toppings of choice. Now this is the point when the pizza can take an even sharper turn for preference. It can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. So eggs are welcome, Philly cheese steak is welcome, and a fruit pizza are all welcome along with everything in between. We can all recognize the pepperoni, seafood, and veggie lovers’ toppings, but why not move outside of the box and find new toppings that suit your mood instead of always going for the same old thing.

A food like this shouldn’t be enjoyed with freedom of experimentation. You could go the local grocery store and buy a cart full of ingredients and create a lab in your kitchen. Or, you could try going to different establishments in your city to test out their flavor combinations. Yet another appealing alternative would be for you to invite a few friends over and try a few of their favorites because once you say that you’re ordering in, they won’t turn you down. 

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